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Got my first rejection. Yale. Oooh, I'm shocked. And so very, very… - Chronicles of a Future Medievalist [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Discipula sum, literata ero... Ergo studere ibo.

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[Feb. 10th, 2007|05:20 pm]
Discipula sum, literata ero... Ergo studere ibo.
Got my first rejection. Yale. Oooh, I'm shocked. And so very, very hurt. (That's sarcasm, by the way. I knew I wasn't going to get into Yale. They take one person a year.)

But I also got a very promising e-mail from Fordham, because -- yep, here we go again -- my GRE scores didn't get sent there, as the bizarre me-ETS-universities triangle has swallowed another set of scores. But the e-mail did say they're impressed with my application, so here's hoping!

I'm not around because our computer died. It went back to Sony for revival, but they didn't do what we told them to, so it's still not working properly, so they're damn well going to come back on Monday and pick it up again, and this time do what we tell them, because they're trying to stall until the warranty runs out. We'll see who wins this battle... I already hate Sony, they're not going to get away with taking away Lik-Sang and not replacing a hard drive that's still under warranty. But because of that, I'm mostly internet-less. That's where I've been. Wandering lost and helpless, without my computer. ;-)

[User Picture]From: dr_weir_uk
2007-02-10 06:40 pm (UTC)
Only one person a year?!!!!! Isn't that a bit lonely (to be honest)?

I'm just so confused, why one person? O.o
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(Deleted comment)
[User Picture]From: naamah
2007-02-12 10:06 am (UTC)
I could be wrong about this, but I think it's because they choose to use their funding for their M.Phil. program--in which they admit students who are doing PhD's in other Yale departments (History, Religion, Near Eastern Studies) to spend one year, fully funded, doing an M.Phil. in Medieval Studies. They could use that money instead to have a lot more PhD candidates, but they don't. I don't know why, and I think they're the only Yale department that even has an M.Phil. program like that, but for some reason, I guess they just thought it was better that way...
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